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Thank you very much for visiting my computer graphics gallery.

The quality of these pictures is lowered from their original, in order to reduce their filesizes. Please click on the picture to see the larger and more precise one.

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thumbnail Gogh and Mandelbrot's Sunflowers
November 3, 1996
83077 bytes
thumbnail Fractal Opal
November 11, 1996
83449 bytes
This picture became a cover of a Hungarian magazine OS/2 Times!!
thumbnail Gravitational Composition I
October 27, 1996
97196 bytes
thumbnail Swirling Planets
January 12, 1997
142453 bytes
thumbnail Clouds and Girls
March 30, 1997
165588 bytes
thumbnail Gravitational Composition II
January 30, 1997
111181 bytes
thumbnail Gravitational Composition III
July 19, 1997
96563 bytes
thumbnail Spikes on Gaussian Plane
July 26, 1997
104768 bytes


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Mandelbrot Microscope
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