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Subject: Re: oshôkyo
From: Peptron
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 01:54:14 GMT
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> (つき) に かわって、 おしょうきょ!
> What does this mean? I only know tsuki, moon.

Mmm... is it me or the number of posts that has something to do with Sailor Moon is exponential?
(The first time I've heard that sentence, I was certain that I was hearing "I'll shock ya!" instead of "oshôkyo!")

The sentence means litterally :
I'll eliminate you in the place of the moon!

"kawaru" (代わる) can mean to take the place of somebody or something for an action. Ex:
あなたに代わって私は答える。 (Anata ni kawatte watashi wa kotaeru.) I'll answer in your place.
ブルドーザーに代わって俺のこぶしでこの家を全滅するのだ。 (Burudôzâ ni kawatte ore no kobushi de kono uchi o zemmetsu suru no da.) I'll destroy that house with my fists instead of my bulldozer.

"shôkyo" means "eliminate, elimination, etc." The "o" at the beginning is the politeness "o" found sometimes before nouns.

Hehe... after 9 years of English studies, I've finally learned where to put the "w" in answer.

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