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How to use:

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This is a painting program which allows you to draw pictures.
Press the "Create" button to create a blank image with the specified width and height.
Press the "Load" button to load the specified URL image resource.

To load local files, specify "file://" as the URL protocol.
If your OS uses drive names, an additional slash is required like this:

You can load only Java-compatible images such as JPEGs and GIFs.
Note that you can't load any images when you use web browsers because of security.
Use applet viewers instead.

Please use the palette to select colors and shapes.
The ESC key cancels the mouse drag.

This Java applet was compiled by Java 1.1.7B.

The source of Painter.class
The source of PainterPalette.class
The source of Bitmap.class
The source of BitmapInputStream.class
The source of BitmapOutputStream.class

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