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Extension Sort:
This item adds "Extension" to the "Sort" submenu of the system menu or the popup menu of folders, allowing you to sort objects in the folder by their file extension.

Selection by Object Name:
This feature allows you to select objects in a folder according to their name. It adds a "Name..." item in the "Select" submenu of the system menu or popup menu of folders.

Case is ignored. There are the following special characters.

* (asterisk) matches any number of any character.
*.txt matches a.txt, bc.txt, etc.

? (question mark) matches any single characer except the period.
a.t?t matches a.txt, but not a.tt or a.t.t.

! (exclamation mark) means negation if it is the first character of the search string.
So !*.txt will select the objects whose name does not match *.txt.

, (comma) is used to separate multiple keys. Objects are selected if their names match any one of the multiple keys.

\ (backslash) is the escape key - it nullifies the special effect of the next character. But \n means a carriage return.


Select the objects whose extension is txt.

Select the objects whose name does not contain a carriage return, and the objects whose name starts with a.

Disable Sort and Arrange of Desktop:
When this is selected the "Sort" and "Arrange" menu items are removed from the desktop popup menu, preventing accidental rearrangement of your desktop.

Arrange Icons on Matrix:
This setting arranges objects in a folder in a matrix, or grid. It will work only if the folder shows objects with normal icons, and if "Non-Grid" is selected for the View format in the settings notebook.

"x Origin" and "y Origin" indicate the coordinate of the first object, (0, 0) being the top-left of the folder.

"x Distance" and "y Distance" indicate the distance between objects.

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