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NPSWA01.ZIP - New Window Animation Set for NPS WPS Enhancer

This package contains two window animation DLLs (dinamic link libraries) for NPS WPS Enhancer version 1.81 or later. Version 1.82 is the latest version now.

To install these new DLLs, please use INSTALL.CMD. This command file needs one parameter as NPS WPS Enhancer's directory. For example, if your NPSWPS.EXE is installed in C:\WPSUTIL, type the following command on an OS/2 command prompt:

INSTALL.CMD copies 2 DLLs and modifies NPSWPS.LST in that directory.

Animation Description:


    This nice animation DLL was made by Mr. MUTA Hidemasa, a Japanese OS/2 programmer. This is his second animation set, and much better than his first one. I think this is so cool that I decided to include it in this package with his permission.

    This DLL contains 2 animations - "Mutchie's Zippy Frames" and "Mutchie's Warping Frames".

    Both animations have "Divisor" as their parameter. This parameter determines the number of rectangles in the animation. A higher number means a more complex animation, and it will take longer to draw.


    This is my first animation set other than the standard animation DLL. This DLL contains 2 animations - "N.P.S.'s Wire Frame" and "N.P.S.'s 4 Wire Frames".

    "Angle" determines how many degrees of rotation the box(es) will rotate through.

If you like these animations, please send email. Your idea of new animation is also welcome. If you are a programmer... try to make it.

This package is freeware, and you can distribute it for free.

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Copyright(C) TAKASUGI Shinji (tssf.airnet.ne.jp)