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Japanese page

* Teach Yourself Japanese
This page explains the Japanese language in English. I focus mainly on grammar. It has had more than 900,000 visitors.

* The Gate of Japanese
With this CGI program, you can display Japanese web sites without having Japanese fonts. You have nothing to install, just input the address of a Japanese site you want to see and you'll see it on your screen.

* Number Systems of the World (updated)
I am collecting number systems of world languages. This page has 69 number systems now.

* Introspective notes on the Japanese language (Japanese)
There are 21 articles on the Japanese language and its grammar.

* Japanese filters (Japanese)
The CGI programs in this page convert Japanese text of other web sites. Written in Japanese.

* About the Author
There is some of my personal information in this page.

* Music
This page has a list of CDs I have. Most of them are Prince's and P-Funk's.

* My Trip to Hungary (Japanese)
I went to Hungary in 1997 to meet an email friend there. This page has my diary during my trip and some photos of Hungary. Written in Japanese.

* My Trip to America (Japanese)
I went to the U.S. by myself in 1998, and I write about my trip in this page. Written in Japanese.

* Opinions (Japanese)
This page lists some of my opinions on social issues and movies. Written in Japanese.

* Interesting Books (Japanese)
This page explains interesting books I have bought. Most of them are about social issues and science. Written in Japanese.

* CG Gallery: Vortex of Infinity
This page shows some computer graphics I have made. I don't use any graphic software, and I use pure mathematical ways to draw pictures.
(favorite one)

* Mandelbrot Microscope
This Java program shows the two major fractals, Mandelbrot Set and Julia Sets. Its calculation is pretty fast and it doesn't take a second on up-to-date computers.

* Fractal Clouds and Sea
This Java program shows clouds and sea with islands using 1/f noise fractal.

* Java Painter
This is my trial to make drawing software with Java. I don't update it now.

* Neckties
In this page I show my neckties, most of which are made by a company named Manhattaner's.
* A Counter Program
This page contains a program to display a counter on a web site and its explanation. The program doesn't work on some Internet providers.

* Perpetual Calendar
This CGI program shows a calendar of any year you want to see.

* Alphametic Puzzle
This Java applet solves alphametic puzzles. There's no explanation but I think it's easy to understand how to use it.

* Number Place Puzzle
This Java applet solves number place puzzles. There's no explanation either.

* Computer Algorithms
This program outputs a fast code of division on Intel's 386 series CPUs. Currently people don't use assembler, so it is not so useful.

* NPS WPS Enhancer 1.82 for OS/2
NPS WPS Enhancer was quite successful free software several years ago among OS/2 users. I'm sorry I haven't updated it recently.

* Other Freeware for OS/2
This page lists other freeware (free software) for OS/2.
* Dobon Standardization Committee (Japanese)
This page explains the rule of Dobon, a playing-card game. Probably understood only by my friends. ;-) Written in Japanese.

* Internet Search Index
You can use several Internet search engines from this page.

* Links (Japanese)
This page has general links to other site. Each of my site listed above often has its own links.

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