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Dutch Connection

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God created the world, the Dutch created the Netherlands, - and a Japanese created Dutch Connection.
A collection of Web sites related to Dutch language and culture (All in Dutch unless indicated otherwise).
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A few facts about the countries: The Netherlands; Belgium, and South Africa

Een tamelijk uitgebreide verzameling van Web-paginas in Nederlands en/of over de Nederlandstalige wereld.

,,Dutch Connection.
,,,.2,,.9, Dutch connection ,.

()..,.."Things Dutch A to Z".(),.

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1. "Holland in Japan(ese)" is a Dutch-related site by the same author written only in Japanese.

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What's New : NedLog (2006).
25 March 2006
This site, "Dutch Connection in Japan" turned 10 years old today. Unlike ten years ago, we have an abundance of portals to Dutch web sites nowadays. Therefore, the aspect of this site as a portal became less important. On the other hand, it remains to be the place to showcase what I personally find is interesting about things Dutch for the Japanese. (Yasuaki Kobashi) 10 years, and counting; since 1996 Dutch Connection10.,.,,.
What was New in 2005, What was New in 2004, What was New in 2003, What was New in 2002, What was New in 2001, What was New in 2000
At Large
Emergency number is 112


,,.. 06-11983.


De Telefoongids
Online Telephone Directory.
1881,KPN Telecom,De Telefoongids BV.
Faxgids Nederland
Fax number directory.
Gouden Gids Internet
Yellow Pages: telephone, fax number, address, and map(!) directory.
., .
Nationale telefoongids
Another telephone directory.
Postcode opzoeken
Zip code search
Horecagids Nederland
HOtel/REstaurant/CAfe guide.
See Dutch Connection 2 for more HORECA guides.
··. 2.
Routenet Routeplanner (N/E)
Route planner and map of the Netherlands with post-code and street name index.
. (Locatienet BV)
fietsrouteplanner of Fietsersbond (ENFB)  [28 February 2008]
A door to door route planner for cyclists. Ready for the provinces of Utrecht (2006) and Gelderland (2008).
Planner Plus at NS
A new version of Train planner. For both domestic and international services.
ANWB Verkeersinformatie
Car traffic information.
Openbaar Vervoer Reisinformatie
A door-to-door public transport route planner.
KB: Zoeken in catalogi en bestanden
National library of the Netherlands. General Catalogue, etc.
Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
Radio Netherland World Service (with RealAudio live broadcasting)
On the Web
Links to search machines and reference pages, including, e.g., and Track.NL.
Kidon Media-Link: Nederlandstalige kranten
Dutch papers index.
. Het online krantenoverzicht
Dutch paper headlines. English-language articles about the Netherlands are found at Netherlands Post
De Nederlandse Publieke Omroep
Dutch TV stations index
An at-a-glance start page.
Yahoo! - Regional:Countries:Netherlands .
The statistical database on the Netherlans produced by CBS
Genaral facts on the Netherlands are found in: The Holland Page
CIA Fact Book
,. ·
Nederlandse Overheidswapens
Dutch Civic Arms
Dutch calendar (With hollidays) .
Dutch - English & English-Dutch
Travlang On-line Dictionaries
John and Grayson
Another Dutch-English wordbook
Het Van Dale Taalweb
The most authoritative Dutch dictionary. A must for playing the game of SCRABBLE.
Van Dale
Inner-Space Spelling Databank
Het Nederlandstalig Computertermen Lexicon (NCL)
De Elektronische 'Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst' (E-ANS)
(See the Dutch Language section for more information.)

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