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TAKASUGI Shinji's freeware for OS/2

* Behold 2.3 for OS/2 - ZIP Package, 69109 bytes
This is a program like X-Eye for X-Window, which follows your mouse pointer...
but this is the most realistic eyeball you've ever seen on the desktop!
Java Demo

* NPS-Zoom 1.11 for OS/2 - ZIP Package, 15809 bytes
This is a simple program to zoom up the desktop pixels.
Magnification ratio and update frequency can be changed easily.

* Animation Scramble 1.12 for OS/2 - ZIP Package, 481896 bytes
This is a game like OS/2's Scramble game, but it can show two or more bitmaps in sequence.
So you can play a game with your own animation.

* PackMan Archive Manager 1.41e for OS/2 (Japanese) - LHA Package, 38057 bytes
This is a program to show any ZIP, LZH, ARC, ZOO file as if it were a folder.
You can drag files from it, drop files onto it, activate a program in it, delete files with the shredder, etc.
Only Japanese version is available.

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