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Created by TAKASUGI Shinji (surname first - Japanese way)
The original address is http://www.geocities.com/takasugishinji/japanese/index.html. A mirror site is available at http://www.sf.airnet.ne.jp/~ts/japanese/index.html.

Teach Yourself Japanese message board is now open. The Shift-JIS mode and the image mode of the message board are also available.

The ZIP packages of the Teach Yourself Japanese site are here:

FileSizeContentsLast update
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audio0420.zip352KBAudio filesApril 20, 1998

Download these files and use UNZIP to get the whole package of this site. The files are on a server in the U.S., and the mirror files are in Japan. Choose better location for you.
Install all of the files into the same directory to see them properly. The base HTML file will be install_directory/japanese/index.html.

Teach Yourself Japanese message board (Shift-JIS mode, image mode) - You can ask a question here. (all messages as of May/7/2004) _

The Gate of Japanese - You can see Japanese web sites without having Japanese fonts.


Yahoo!This site is selected in Yahoo!'s directory of Social Science - Linguistics and Human Languages - Languages - Specific Languages - Japanese - Lessons and Tutorials Online.

StudyWebThis site is selected as a featured site in StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the web.

Jim Breen's Japanese Page - An online dictionary is available.
TheJapanesePage.com - You can study grammar, kana, and kanji here.
Kanji-Step - Lots of information on Japan and kanji.
Gateway to Japan - Foreign languages and literature at St. Cloud State University.
Nihon-no-Kotowaza - Japanese idioms and proverbs.
Nihongo: Japanese Language - Includes numeral classifiers, American/Japanese higher numbers, Nihongo notes index.
Otake Japanese Calligraphy - Selected Kanji characters.
Shodouka - View Japanese WWW pages on any graphical browser with this service.
Travelers' Japanese with Voice
Using Japanese on Internet - Contains various resources, links and guides to support using Japanese on Internet.
The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go - Lots of important information for anyone visiting or relocating to Japan.
k.tok's home page - Japanese customs, etc.
Human Japanese - A Japanese learning program with network supports
Japanisation FAQ for computers running Western Windows - Helps you display and input Japanese characters on a Western Windows system.
Chinese Characters in Japanese Mathematical Terms - A list of Japanese mathematical terms with kanji

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