7.8. Java program to display inflections

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This applet needs Java 1.1 or higher.

Click checkboxes to change forms. The upper alphabets are accents and the lower ones are Romanization. The Colloquial checkbox works only for polite negative forms. You can choose a word from the right list box, and you can also input one at the text field.

Use the left list box to change fonts.

This applet supports verbs (Group I , Group II, and the two irregular verbs), copulas, and adjectives. It also recognizes the irregular past form of the Group I verb (i)(ku) LH "iku" and the pair of the existential verb (a)(ru) "aru" and the nonexistential adjective (na)(i) "nai".

When you input a word at the text field, its inflection type is estimated in the following way:

A word that ends with either "-iru" or "-eru":Group II verbs
kuru:the verb (ku)(ru) "kuru"
A word that ends with "suru":the verb (su)(ru) /suru/ "suru" or a combination of a noun and "suru"
A word that ends with "-u":Group I verbs
A word that ends with "da":the copula or a combination of a noun and the copula
A word that ends with a vowel and "-i":adjectives

To input a Group I verb which ends with either "-iru", "-eru", or "suru", type "Group I:" before the verb and hit the OK button. For example, the verb (si)(small ya)(be)(ru) "syaberu" is a Group I verb, and you need to type "Group I: syabe'ru" instead of just typing "syaberu", which would be presumed to be a Group II verb. Use an apostrophe for accent falls.

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