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Subject: Re: にほん or にっぽん
From: bluepxl
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 19:11:06 GMT
References: 1, 2

yeah, and the only time i ever see or hear nippon actually used is on the japanese currency. for me, it was easy to be confused when first learning about japan, because i just assumed the more popular and common way of saying 日本 must be nippon, since it is written that way on their money. but after a while i noticed far more people just say nihon! now it makes since to be on the money, since it is more "nationalistic" as you say... so of course the money is a place for that to be, ne!

but ya, nihon is much more common. oh but you know what kind of bothers me? when i've heard people (i think i've only heard it from gaijin) refer to the japanese language as nippongo, and japanese people as nipponjin. technically sure, that is correct, as it means japan language/japan person, and can therefore work, but i still just don't like how it sounds. i also don't like those because they're non standard, as i've never heard japanese refer to them that way so i'm pretty sure the most common and correct way is to say nihongo/nihonjin. i think the other ways would maybe make you sound silly.... ;)

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