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Subject: Re: 下頓別 = Shimotombetsu or Shimotonbetsu
From: Charles Jeffrey Danoff (チャーリー先生) (hama.altmail.town.hamatonbetsu.hokkaido.jp)
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 04:52:40 GMT
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> > I was wondering if you could help me. I have been having a debate about how to spell 下頓別 in romaji.
> See the Wikipedia article on that. Shimotombetsu is traditional Hepburn, and Shimotonbetsu is revised Hepburn. Actually, the Japanese don't care much about Romanization of place names. Tokyo, Tōkyō, Tôkyô, Tohkyoh, Toukyou, … the correct name is 東京, that's all.

Thank you Takasugi for clearing this up so succinctly. I was asking because I wanted to clear it up for the Shimotombetsu Junior High School entry on Wikipedia, and could think of no one better to ask.

I noted your answer on the article's talk page.

> This seems like a non-issue to me.
> > Me too (in case you didn't get that from my response above).

Glenn and Lawrene I agree the question is overall trivial, I just wanted to get it right, because I had two conflicting answers from people whose opinions I respect, and because I think Wikipedia entries should be as correct as possible. Thanks for responding, though.

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