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Subject: 風'd (food).
From: Brandin (chaotic_thoughtyahoo.com)
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 17:01:49 GMT

I came across this phrase in an article talking about food recipes, and I found a few names of food that 風(ふう). I thought this meant "in the manner of" or "in the style of", but I was a bit confused by "ムース風”:

イチゴのムース風ゼリー (Strawberry Mousse Jelly)

I guess ムース風 means "Mousse-style" jelly. I always thought of Mousse as a particular kind of food rather than a style. And the order of this phrase suggests that "ムース風ゼリー” (Mousse Jelly) could be a noun on its own, even though in American English I'm accustomed only to "Chocolate Mousse", "Strawberry Mousse", etc. Though, I found that the word Mousse comes from a French word meaning "moss" - so perhaps ムース風 means "in a style imitating moss" (コケのような食べ物). Perhaps not.

中国風あん入り餅菓子【ちゅうごく-ふう あん-いり もちかし】 (Chinese-style bean jam-filled rice cake pastry)

I also found references to "洋風あん入り餅菓子” (Western-style bean jam-filled rice cake pastry), but I'm not sure of the differences between styles.

Any comments? Is 風 in this sense a common naming convention for foods? Thanks.

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