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Subject: Re: へ with two lines
From: Michael (michaelthirlwell.org)
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 01:09:16 GMT
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The reason for this is to change the sound the character makes. 'へ' on its own just sounds as 'heh' (he in romaji), however with the "two vertical marks" it sounds as 'beh' (be in romaji).

I hope this helps you,

> I've noticed that when people hand address letters as ○○さんへ they sometimes put two vertical marks in the middle of the へ, so that it looks almost like the grass radical. Does anyone know what the deal with that is? I don't see that variant of the character listed on my table of hentaigana, but I guess it's just some calligraphic gesture, right?

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