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Subject: JLPT Preperations! 日本語能力試験を受ける前の準備
From: tora
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2009 04:08:57 GMT

Hey guys!

I've decided I'm going to take one of the JLPT exams this year, but I'm still in a bind with deciding if I wanna take 2kyu or 3kyu, but I'm going to be getting advice from my teachers at the university for that.

I'm trying to find a good place that gives practice tests for people preparing to take the course, but wanted to know if you guys had any good suggestions.

I tried the "sushi test" website provided by the JLPT application site, but it doesn't load when I try to use it.

Anyone here who has taken and prepared for the test have any recommendations?

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