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Subject: Re: JLPT Preperations! 日本語能力試験を受ける前の準備
From: Brandin (chaotic_thoughtyahoo.com)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 23:37:08 GMT
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> Hey guys!
> I've decided I'm going to take one of the JLPT exams this year, but I'm still in a bind with deciding if I wanna take 2kyu or 3kyu, but I'm going to be getting advice from my teachers at the university for that.
> I'm trying to find a good place that gives practice tests for people preparing to take the course, but wanted to know if you guys had any good suggestions.
> I tried the "sushi test" website provided by the JLPT application site, but it doesn't load when I try to use it.
> Anyone here who has taken and prepared for the test have any recommendations?

I took 3-kyuu a few years ago and it was not that hard (I had only been studying a year), but 2-kyuu is much harder than that. I still have yet to pass it, but I'm crossing my fingers to pass this year. If you have a basic grasp of the language and can read a decent number of kanji, then take 2-kyuu.

The following site has a nice table of the vocabulary for each JLPT level: http://jlptstudy.com/

On that site there is a section for 2-kyuu and a vocabulary list. Here's the method I am using for the vocabulary list: load the page in your browser (http://jlptstudy.com/2/jlpt2_vocab-list.html) and then select all the text (it is very long). Copy and paste it into a spreadsheet program on your computer. Then add a new column called "Progress" to your spreadsheet, and give yourself a score for each word (e.g. 100 means you know it by heart). How you rate is up to you, but I used the following numbers:

0=don't know the word at all
25=saw it somewhere but can't quite remember
50=probably could understand it in the right context
75=know it pretty well, but could use more practice
100=know it by heart

Once this is done you can sort the list so that words with lower scores are on top. You can also use the spreadsheet to find an average score (if your average is below 50, then maybe 2-kyuu is too hard). For words with low scores, use flash-cards or a software tool like Anki to study those words.

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