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Subject: Re: を vs から
From: Lawrence
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 21:19:02 GMT
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> Hi,
> I asked this on another board and while the answer was good, I just wanted to get some more opinions on the subject, especially from takasugi-sensei. So, my question is related to when its appropriate to use one vs the other in regards to location expressions. For example, 町の中心部を離れた静かな所 why would you use を and not から here, but use から and not を here彼の家は駅から二キロほど離れている? or here 船が岸から離れる? I guess I'm asking for someone to give me a sense of the difference as I've found that is more important than a textbook definition.
> Thanks for your help in advance,
> nipponman
> P.s.I want to make clear that my question is strictly pertaining to those instances where their usages can be confounded: i.e. I have no problem with 空を飛ぶvs 空から飛ぶ for example.

No one? Hmmm this forum seems to have lost alot of the people on it sadly :(.

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