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Subject: Re: を vs から
From: Glenn
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 05:17:39 GMT
References: 1, 2

> > For example, 町の中心部を離れた静かな所 why would you use を and not から here,
> You can use から 離れる too.
> > but use から and not を here 彼の家は駅から二キロほど離れている?
> から 離れる is preferred when a distance is given. を 離れる sounds awkward here. It seems to me that the latter is more literary and not interested in the precise distance. The difference between を 離れる and から 離れる is maybe similar to that between off and away from as in a tranquil place off the center of the city and His house is about 2 km away from the station.
> I'm sorry this message board has lost many people because of the lack of my involvement. I have been busy in editing on Wiktionnaire...

French?! Korean too? I'm guessing you changed your mind about the languages you want to study, because I was expecting Chinese and German to be on there, but Chinese was at "basic" and German wasn't to be seen. I was really surprised by French and Korean! Still, that's pretty impressive!

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