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Subject: Re: my languages...
From: Lawrence
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2010 16:36:46 GMT
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> > > > I'm sorry this message board has lost many people because of the lack of my involvement. I have been busy in editing on Wiktionnaire...
> > > French?! Korean too? I'm guessing you changed your mind about the languages you want to study, because I was expecting Chinese and German to be on there, but Chinese was at "basic" and German wasn't to be seen. I was really surprised by French and Korean! Still, that's pretty impressive!
> >
> > Yes, I have changed my mind. Several years ago I worked with Taiwanese people and I wanted to learn Chinese to communicate with them, but that job was over and now I'm working in Korea, doing a similar job in a different company. As for German, all Germans I have met on my job speak English fluently, and I've found my German won't be better than their English ^^. I began to study French after reading some works of Emmanuel Todd, which are very intriguing.
> So you're working in Korea now? Wow. So if I've got this right, you speak English to the Germans and Korean to the Koreans, you're Japanese so that's no problem, and you've become advanced in French by reading (in order to read?) the works of Emmanuel Todd? Although I'd guess at this point you've advanced on to other things: works of other people, maybe movies and stuff like that.
> I've just got Japanese, which is fairly advanced, and Mandarin, which is beginner level (oh, and English, but it's easy not to count that one because it's my native language).

Well since we're all talking about languages, I'm doing Japanese (my best besides English), Mandarin, and Spanish (my worst). Though, after 11 years in Japanese and 6 in Mandarin, I should be at a much better place fluency-wise by now :-/

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