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Subject: Re: Art, 芸術, 技術, 美術
From: undrentide
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2010 05:42:03 GMT
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> Does anyone know when the terms 芸術, 技術, and 美術 were coined? I assume that they’re Meiji era attempts to distinguish ars/art/Kunst and all that. Am I right?

According to Wikipedia, 芸術: originally from Chinese history book(後漢書).
美術 and 技術 seems to be new words coined in Meiji Era.
These three words were meant to be used for:

芸術 liberal art

美術 fine art, Kunstgewerbe & Bildende Kunst (but later the usage was narrowed and limited to visual art, and poetry, music and drama were categorized under 芸術)

技術 mechanical art

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