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Subject: Re: sounds
From: Amanda
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 13:17:54 GMT
References: 1, 2

> > 私は本当に良い耳を持って、私は日本のアニメを見て大好きです。私はいくつかの単語をピックアップして、まだ完全に理解する必要があります。私はいつも、私は言葉と同じようにそれが日本の人が言うことと言っことを確認したい。あなたは私たちが正しく単語を発音するのを助ける音声を持っている。私は、それを繰り返すことができます後にそれを覚えてそれを聞いてください。
> >
> > それは非常にあなたのシンジ先生に会いできてうれしいです
> I’m confused. I don’t think you did this with machine translation, right? So why is the translation so weird? You keep repeating 私は. Didn’t your teachers ever tell you that the point of having topics vs. subjects is to omit the topic after the first reference? I don’t mean to sound harsh, but the rhythm of this is right off in part because of understandable errors (見て大好き instead of 見るのが大好き) but in part because of weird stuff like 私はいつも、私は.

If you wanted to sound less harsh you could have followed up your brow-beating by answering the person's question....

In answer to the original question, there are a lot of really good websites for listening to Japanese. I recommend TheJapanesePage.com because it has several interesting stories with sound files as well as text, so you can make sure what you think you're hearing is what is actually being said.

For the same reason, I also recommend http://www.asahi.com/news/, which is a news website. It has the news stories you can listen to or read, as well as a really good English page to check your understanding with.

Hope this helps.

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