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Subject: Re: Unknowing or Unknown....
From: Amanda
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 03:27:16 GMT
References: 1, 2

> > In reading I came across the phrase 知らない人, and I wasn't completely sure if it meant "unknown person" or "unknowing person." In the context, either would work, but each would be talking about a different person, so I thought it must be specifically one or the other.
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> > Any thoughts?
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> > Thanks.
> Neither makes more sense to you than the other? One has to (unless it's really bad writing). I'm guessing there was nothing before the 知らない.

No, nothing before it. The passage is talking about a character who has to act in a way that is unlike what she feels she should. She talks about the conflict between herself and this "other self" she has to show the world for politeness's sake. She also talks about other people in her life and how they would feel about who she really is underneath if they knew. My confusion was if she was lamenting that the "real" her was an unknown person, or if she was commenting that the people around her were unknowing of her. I suppose it's not a very important distinction, but I wondered if there was a more common way of reading it than another.

Maybe it's left ambiguous on purpose....

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